Video Surveillance: Survey finds 80 percent of thieves steer clear of homes with security system

Video Surveillance: Survey finds 80 percent of thieves steer clear of homes with security system

Whether it’s a burglar breaking into your home, a porch pirate snagging packages from your front step, or a shoplifter stealing items from your store, at one time or another, we’ve all probably been a target of theft. Yet, according to recent statistics, fewer than 30 percent of US households have a home security system. But that’s starting to change.

An increasing number of home and small business owners looking to protect their property and their loved ones are turning to video surveillance systems for peace of mind. That’s because technological advances are making these systems more accessible to customers with different needs and varying budgets. Whether it is general security of your family, monitoring the children in the yard, or recalling past recorded events, security cameras are a valuable solution to your security needs at home. For businesses, they can help monitor employee productivity, customer activity, preventing theft. Unlike closed-circuit tv and older systems, today’s video surveillance is cloud-based. So, whether you want to see what your dog’s up to while you’re at work or want to make sure your employees aren’t slacking on the job, you can check on your home or business right from your phone or another mobile device while you’re on the go.

Not only can video security systems help provide video evidence of a crime after the fact, but they are also statistically proven to be a crime deterrent. Between 2001 and 2005, researchers at Rutgers University studied crime data from the nearby Newark Police Department. According to, the researchers concluded that not only did security systems help reduce crime at the protected house, but the entire neighborhood also became less enticing for burglars. In fact, 80 percent of burglars surveyed said they would check to see if their target had a security system before attempting to break in.

There are many options for video security solutions. However, a security camera system is only as good as the system design. Proper design is more important than ever with systems now featuring night-vision, remote viewing, and large storage DVR hard drives. Making sure you have the right system for your needs can be confusing. Using HikVision cutting-edge technology, Mulholland Audio Video‘s expert technicians can design the appropriate system for both commercial and residential customers.

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